Author: Adam Taylor

The benefits of choosing brick slips

Interested in sleek, sustainable construction, or renovation with the robust quality of brick?

Our brick slips are dimensionally stable, robust, low maintenance, non-flammable, and have excellent resistance to frost.

They are space-saving: brick slips are thin and ideal for giving an existing facade a fresh new look. When compared with full facing bricks, you can quickly reduce the wall thickness which gives you more room for insulation.

We manufacture a wide range of different brick slip products both traditional and contemporary in style.

We work with our customers

Architects and designers seek structures, textures, and materials that can help to boost the and enhance their vision for a building. Our technical teams work extensively with professionals to help turn their brick slip dreams into reality.

Whether aiding you with conceptual designs for budgeting or providing a full design and supply package, our experienced team of professionals provides a unique, specialist viewpoint for all things brick slip related.

Please get in touch with your questions.


Manufacturing Investment and Growth

Whilst manufacturing is smaller in comparison to the service sector, output from from the UK’s manufacturers is on a steady rise year on year. With our recent Brexit from the European union things have been rather tetchy of late with regards to how our industry and sector but this has been short lived.

On a whole the industry is growing month on month and in Yorkshire and Humberside alone Manufacturing accounts for over £16 billion and employs over 300,000 people.

Building on growth

As a company we have ploughed significant investment back into the production and packing areas of our business ensuring that our facilities future proof the expansion plans we have for the coming few years.

Plans for further automation of the production lines and packing facilities will allow us to redirect employees into more skilled and developmental roles. Giving us a higher output and greater capacity for continued growth.

As industry leaders in brick slip manufacturing we are proud of what we have achieved over the course of the recent pandemic and look forward to more growth and reinvestment moving forward.




Elite – 14mm Range – Now Available !

As a company we are constantly investing and re-investing with a desire to constantly improve and expand. Our latest investment sees the launch of a brand new range of engineered brick slips.

Volume, weight and thickness can all be major deciding factors when looking at brick slip cladding. These products have been designed to optimise and gain full value from the clay used in the manufacturing process.

Our New Elite Range

Engineered and manufactured to use less clay and offer the same outstanding quality that the brickslips brand of products is renowned for. The Elite range are a 14mm thin range of manufactured clay slips.

Improved manufacturing efficiencies, reduced energy consumption, the ELite range is delivering a smaller product selection than our conventional slips, but giving a range that is capable of covering all the requirements expected.

For more information on this new product range then please email us at or alternatively chick here to view the range.


UK Haulage Crisis – What’s happening!

Chaotic seems to be an accurate word to describe the UK haulage industry at the moment. A combination of congestion at container ports and a massive shortage of HGV drivers are causing delays and frustration all over the UK and this unfortunately is effecting our supplies and customer deliveries.

All this has meant that for the UK pallet networks hitting timed delivery slots is becoming ever more challenging.

Our advice to customers is to be as organised as possible and plan well in advance whenever you can. While it used to be commonplace for orders to be fulfilled within 2-3 working days we are now looking at least 10-12 days in order to fulfil orders.

Christmas Shutdown 2020

Please note our office closure / opening dates and times below:

  • Office Closure Date > Thursday 24th December at 12.00pm

  • Office Re-Open Date > Monday 4th January at 9.00am

Throughout Christmas you can still place your brick slips orders online, these will be fulfilled W/C 4th January.

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to our customers throughout a very difficult year for everyone.

We would also like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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