Excellence and Re-investment

It’s a privilege to be recognised by some of the country’s leading architects and designers. Over the past 17 years we have established an industry leading organisation that boasts a well-earned and authoritative reputation.

Our constant developments and innovation mean we have played an important role in the growth and exposure of brick slips within the UK market.

This growth and authority has come from manufacturing excellent products and being at the forefront of brick slip product development and industry change.

We are a company focused on learning and performance.

As the UK’s Leading manufacturer of brick slips we only hire the very best skilled operatives.

To get the most out of our valued employees we constantly evaluate their performance and reward accordingly. We have created a culture of insight and knowledge, where all staff get a chance to learn and develop through training and staff mentors.

Constant re-investment

As a manufacturer we recognise that re-investing in new and more efficient machinery is paramount. We are currently in the process of developing a fully automated cutting line.

This development will allow our operatives to be able to rotate roles more frequently and have a greater understanding and skill base across the manufacturing floor.

This investment will also enable us to double our output immediately and future proof our expansion moving forward.

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