Brick Slips – Now the UK`s Number 1 Supplier

Ambient lights real clay brick slips
With clear, customer focused priorities, here at BrickSlips we have become the industry leader. Manufacturing and supplying real clay brick slips to some of the countries most prestigious clients.

Built for Success

Our success has been built on putting our customers at the forefront of our business.
Constantly praised by designers and industry specialists we offer a continued emphasis on convenience, quality products and great value.

At BrickSlips we have kept our aspirations simple, to allow our colleagues to deliver the best service consistently and efficiently.

Since the launch of our online store we have fast become the leading supplier of real clay brick slips in the UK.

Here at BrickSlips we strive to lead the market as well as continually looking better ways to improve our products and customer experience.

Real clay brick slips that sell themselves

The range which we offer is second to none and if you haven’t heard of us you most definitely have seen our products. Shops, bars, restaurants and large scale retail outlets all boast our products. These special projects act as a splendid array of advertising boards that drive our sales and our brand forward.

Proving that the BrickSlips brand really is the Number 1.

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