Brick Slip Trade – Product Support

Our brick slip trade customers are at the heart of our business.

At we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible help and product support.

Our team aims to maintain a high level of Customer Service both before and after your purchase.

Each member of our technical support team has up-to-date knowledge across our entire product range. As a company we aim to respond to every enquiry promptly and efficiently.

Our support doesn’t just end with advice and knowledge.

All of our trade account customers have full access to our free sample boards and if a stockist our display boards.

Ordering Samples is easy!

Our sample and display services are explained below.

Sample Display Boards

  • Our sample display boards are a convenient and compact way of presenting the BrickSlips range. These are very versatile as they can be fastened to a wall for a permanent display or displayed individually loose for ease of movement around the showroom.They are also great for showcasing easibricks next to other complimentary wall and floor coverings. We offer all of our stockists a full set of sample display boards free of charge.

Carousel Display

  • We also offer a large carousel point of sale. This unit can hold upto 12 large mortared samples of your choice, with the added advantage that it can be moved around any showroom or store easily.
    There are a limited number of these units produced and they are restricted to full stockists only.

Large Waterfall Display

  • In addition to supplying our standard sample display boards we also offer our double boards complete with waterfall stand.
    These are ideal for showrooms and trade outlets that are limited on wall and floor space. We can supply you with the larger waterfall display free of charge.The waterfall display holds 20 samples (10 boards – each with 2 BrickSlips samples).


  • We can supply you with brochures in both PDF version as well as paper version to give to your customers.

We are here to support you!

Should you require any information on our point of sale display, samples or brochures please contact our team via email or phone.

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