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Mortar Pointing Gun

This gun is suitable for mortar for pointing walls and tile grouting. You simply fill this mortar tool with grouting material at the open end of the barrel and then dispense through the nozzle. It features a high thrust trigger action, a rubber plunger between steel plates and has case hardened rod and drive parts.

Product Information:

Our Mortar Pointing Gun is a specifically designed grouting gun to be used in conjunction with our Gun Injected Pointing Mortar, allowing tradespeople and DIY enthusiats to achieve the perfect finish jointing & repointing with minimal skill required. Our mortar pointing gun is the easiest way of pointing your brick slips and mortars joints easily and efficiently. Get the mortar pointing gun and have your brick slips pointed for your build or project with mortar using our mortar gun in no time!

Using the mortar pointing gun over traditional trowel methods allows pointing to be completed in a fraction of the time and with minimal residue on the brick face.

The Kit Includes the following items

  • Mortar Gun
  • Mixing Paddle
  • 2 Pointing Nozzles
  • 2 Grouting Nozzles
  • 2 Barrels
  • Replacement Plunger
  • Approx 16-Inch long

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