Project Sector : Commercial, Office
Project Type : Office Conversion
Brick Slip Type : Olde Victorian Red Blend
Mortar Colour : Light Grey
Location: London, UK

About The Workshop

"The Worksop" is a driven and ambitious 21st century software company with a rich culture for the art and craft of modern design.

They have a groundbreaking reputation and prominent position within London.

Their passion and hard work has afforded them the luxury of being able to occupy and surround their creative mantra with an office suite that breathes excellence and creativity.


This wonderful renovation showcases how our Olde Victorian Red blend Brick slips can dominate and carve through a design providing a natural historic element and finishing it to precise effect.

For authenticity and character there are very few products that can match the individual balanced appeal that reclaimed brick slips bring to a room.

This case study offers a fine example of how effective reclaimed brick slips can work within a modern design.

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