The Station Tavern - Cambridge, UK

Project Sector : Commercial, Bar
Project Type : Bar & Restauraunt
Brick Slip Type : Saxon Brick Slips
Mortar Colour : Light Grey
Location: Cambridge, UK

About The Station Tavern

The Station Tavern is the first Young's pub in Cambridge and is conveniently placed to serve the crowds of thirsty commuters waiting for trains from the city's station.

With over 150m2 of brick slips required to complete this installation its fair to say that the use of brick wall cladding was high on the product agenda during initial design stages.

The brief evidently utilized the use brick slips and amplified it to its loudest level. Brick clad Arches, brick slip covered doorways and large generous feature walls were present within the design. A colossal development and project that would showcase the use of our Saxon brick slips to their finest.


The interior is a mix between the modern 21st century bar and eatery design styles, such as an exposed ceiling and air conditioning and subtle lighting, and an old world of relaxed public and social interaction. The whole space gives a feeling of coziness as well as modernity.

The whole establishment boasts a large space with lots of seating, padded stools around the large bar, leather armchairs around small round wooden tables, padded seating along the side wall on a raised area.

One large main room offers up a selection of expertly executed brick slip feature walls. A key feature within this room and one that automatically commands your attention is a 6ft embedded clock face that is set within and around our Saxon brick slips. This feature is totally unique and is an absolute display of ingenuity and helps to exhibit the diverse ways in which our brick slip cladding can be used.

The whole room is broken up by brick gigantic brick slip clad arches and exposed air ducts, along side the piping these arches bring the whole room together and span the floor space with ease and grandeur.

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