Navigator Gas - London, UK

Project Sector : Commercial, Office
Project Type : Office Conversion
Brick Slip Type : Olde Watermill Brick Slips
Mortar Colour : Light Grey
Location: London, UK

About Navigator Gas

This classic yet modern suite has been eloquently appointed. A case study that is a homage to the trendy open office layouts of the mid to late 1980's. The designers of Navigator Gas new London office have brought the 80s into this millennium.

The choice of brick slips provides a rich and tasteful weathered appearance that is true to the historic appearance of an old English red brick.

Set against this wonderfully designed office you can see how the integration of old and new works to its best.

As versatile as it looks this choice of brick slip provides a professional consistency and character to the installation.

A great installation made perfect with our Olde Watermill Brick slips.

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