Jimmy Piggs, Doncaster, UK

Project Sector : Commercial
Project Type : Coffe Shop & Restaurant
Brick Slip Type : Monsoon Brick Slips
Mortar Colour : Dark Grey
Location: Doncaster, UK

About Jimmy Piggs

A simplistically designed renovation, Jimmy Piggs coffee shop boasts an inviting warm tone throughout and is significantly enhanced by the use of our monsoon brick slips.

Setting a mood and ambience that all modern day coffee shops require. These perfectly chosen brick slips work harmoniously throughout.

A great feature of the Monsoon Brick slips is their consistent and bold colourings, they provide a psychological strength when used on a commercial feature wall.

They are a striking product, and worked within the Jimmy Piggs Coffee shop they help to reinforce and emulate a richness that is expected from a business that serves boutique coffee.

This installation was executed without the use of pointing mortar which left a unique look which is both abstract and affective.

Jimmy Piggs make the best coffee so why not use the best brick slips.

Some of our customers

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