Costa Coffee, Jumeirah Beach - Dubai, UAE

Project Sector : Commercial, Hotel
Project Type : Hotel & Function Rooms
Brick Slip Type : Lambeth Brick Slips
Mortar Colour : Light Grey
Location: Jumeirah Beach, Dubai, UAE

About Costa Coffee, Jumeirah Beach - Dubai

Having supplied our brick slips to many of the UK’s outlets this stunning case study focuses on Costa Coffee Dubai.

Located in one of the most glamorous cities in the world, on one of the best beaches. Costa Coffee have been gifted with a brilliant and vibrant design worthy of such a great location.

London bricks offer the very best in texture. The use of Lambeth Mixture Brick Slips works brilliantly. These London styled brick slips were definitely a great choice for Costa Coffee, Jumeirah Beach – Dubai.

This Coffee Shop project is a fine and shining example of just how stunning Lambeth Mixture can be.

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