Project Sector : Commercial
Project Type : Restaurant
Brick Slip Type : London Weathered Yellow
Mortar Colour : Historic Sandstone

On this particular project the client was looking for a solution that would modernise the Orangery/dining area and fit in with the existing décor, but at the same time reduce the maintenance and cleaning.

Previous to our brick slips being installed the room was made up of half painted walls and half wallpapered walls, the client was spending a large amount of money every year on the cleaning and re-decorating of the room and was aiming to achieve a maintenance free wall covering.

We produced large sample panels for the project including variations in mortar colour, these were then subject to intensive onsite testing, to ensure the brick slips were low maintenance.

Our products were trialled alongside several other different wall covering types, and in every test the brick slips came out on top, the perfect solution for a busy restaurant environment.

All our brickslips are made from genuine handmade bricks and are fired at over 2000deg, making them extremely durable and hardwearing for any environment whether internal or external. If you’re looking for a maintenance free finish to your project look no further than brick slips.

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