Project Sector : Commercial
Project Type : Retail Store
Brick Slip Type : Old Victorian Mixture
Mortar Colour : Traditional Sand/Cement Mortar

We were challenged by the client to come up with a solution for adding the beauty of real exposed brickwork into a contemporary high end fashion outlet.

We worked closely with the designers, and the client at every stage from design concept to installation stage, to come up with a solution that would give the shop a more modern and contemporary style whilst maintaining the underlying character and style of the property.

The brick slip we put forward to the client after an intensive site survey was the Old Victorian Mixture, as we believed this was the perfect fit for the aged brickwork that lines the many streets of Canterbury city centre. With Canterbury being a UNESCO World Heritage Site particular attention was given to ensure the interior look would complement the surrounding properties and streets.

We provided samples to the client and the designer including mock up panels with a selection of mortar colours to ensure the perfect products were chosen at the design stage to enable us to deliver the whole solution – brick slips, brick slip corners, rapid set adhesive, and gun injected coloured mortar, on a next day timed delivery, allowing the client to have the project completed ahead of schedule and to minimise the amount of time the store was closed.

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