Project Sector : Commercial
Project Type : Restaurant
Brick Slip Type : Knightsbridge Multi
Mortar Colour : Traditional Sand/Cement Mortar

On this particular project we were in talks with the client at the design stage of this brand new central London restaurant, the client was looking for the exposed brick look that would seamlessly blend in with the contemporary interior.

To satisfy the client’s needs for this project we had to work closely with the designers to combine several different brick slip types and then artificially tint the brick slips to create the perfect bespoke blend.

Throughout the design stage we manufactured and supplied sample panels of several different blends until we created the perfect mixture for the client.

Upon the client choosing the perfect blend we put the product into immediate production, manufacturing, hand blending and then artificially tinting the products and delivering direct to central London on a timed weekend delivery all within 48hours to ensure the client’s progress on the project was not delayed.

Having the largest production capacity in the UK, this enables us to achieve a turnaround time and delivery service that cannot be rivalled in the industry, on this occasion we had to pull out all the stops and run 24 hours a day over the weekend saving the client thousands by ensuring there were no delays and the project was completed ontime.

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