Project Sector : Commercial
Project Type : Restaurant
Brick Slip Type : Knightsbridge Multi
Mortar Colour : Historic Light grey

We were approached by the design and build contractor to suggest suitable brick slips that would fit in with the theme of the restaurant , that would also offer a low maintenance surface.

We suggested our Knightsbridge Multi brick slip, as this was the perfect match for the interior and surrounding area, whilst the brick slip has a semi sanded texture we provided our high quality sealer to ensure that the brick slips were resistant to spills and dirt, achieving the low maintenance aspect that was crucial for the busy environment.

This particular project was completed using all our materials from start to finish including the use of our brick slips, brick slip tracking board, adhesive, mortar and associated application tools.

The client was extremely impressed with the look and quality of the finished result and is now looking to roll out the feature wall to all the stores across London.

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